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Past & Recent Events

WC Sports Med Foundation and Team To Win have several events throughout the year.

2020 WCSMF

Summer Mentoring Sports Medicine Virtual Camp

The West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation—Team To Win held its first VIRTUAL Summer Mentoring camp which ran through August 15th and 16th, 2020.


The MISSION of the West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation is to provide a positive effect on the lives of the youth it serves.

Participation in interscholastic sports promotes teamwork and a healthy lifestyle while encouraging cooperation and understanding.

Engagement in extracurricular activities fosters and builds relationships, enhances equal opportunities, develops team building skills, allows understanding of diversity, and teaches valuable life lessons. Through organized athletic participation, student athletes learn to set goals and meet challenges.

The WCSMF inspires high school student athletes to graduate, pursue higher education and become the future leaders of the community.

Cleared To Play

It is always a celebration here when we can tell them,“Congrats! You’ve been cleared to play!”

"Wow, I never thought this day would come! When I got injured, I thought my playing days were over. And I knew we wouldn't be able to afford more than basic care. Team To Win, saved my life!! I got the same care the pros get and am now ready to rejoin my team."

Rosie M. -Striker

I stayed in bed for probably two straight weeks feeling sorry for myself. I didn't even get my injury playing the sport I love. But I knew the season was a few months away and never thought I'd make. Team To Win not only got me the medical attention I needed, but also amazing rehab and encouragement. Oh, and all in time for the season's first tip-off.

Ralph G. - Point Guard

"I guess breaking bones comes with the territory. But, the fact is, i had my sights set on making it pro. Thanks to Team To Win, I still can hold onto that dream."

Sandy K. - Xtreme Sports


The sports world needs good, passionate medical professionals. Let us help you get the right education.


Have you chosen a career in sports medicine? Let us help you get real-world experience.

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