Sports Injury Clinic #1

A WC Sports Med Educational Event

DATE: Sunday, September 8, 2013
The Team to Win weekly sports medicine injury clinic serves economically challenged youth and allows them to safely participate in interscholastic athletics. This specialized clinic covers all orthopedic, concussions, neurological, spinal and musculoskeletal injuries sustained while participating at their school in the course of all supervised interscholastic practice, competition. These Student Athletes have direct access to board certified, family practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, medical sub-specialists, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, x-ray services, casting, bracing and internal medicine physicians. The WCSMF is an IMPACT concussion evaluation and treatment center. In addition, we provide on-site athletic trainers to high schools to provide sideline medical care, on-site injury clinic providing injury screening and preventative care for student athletes at the high schools.

The Team to Win sports injury clinics are available to all Team to Win High Schools. Information will be provided for our next clinic.
Clinics are held on Saturdays during the Fall football season and Mondays the rest of the year.
Contact the TTW office at 310-726-0750 or 310-416-9700.

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